V1 Racing

Have you ever experienced the thrill of a model car working with an app on a mobile phone or tablet?
Now for the first time and not available elsewhere, V1 Racing brings an innovative concept in mobile gaming.
Download the app on your phone or tablet, place the model car on your screen & race on one of our specially designed tracks.
Notice that by tilting the phone or tablet, you turn and race the car in the app.
Did you spot that the car doesn't fall off your screen?
The objective of the race is to avoid crashing into other cars and be on the road for as long as possible.
Use the booster to race quicker and fire missiles at other cars to avoid crashing into other cars. Touch the top of the car to jump on the track! The car vibrates and flashes as it collects coins.
Each racetrack is designed to challenge but thrill.
This is immersive racing at its best and at your convenience. The model car has patented technology to interact with the app.
The app has been specially designed by German & Indian designers and developers.
The app is completely free to download, just one of the model cars listed below and start racing.
The model cars come in different designs and colours but all work in the same manner in the app. The app works with most Android-based phones and tablets and also on most iPhones and iPads.

Latest Products

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A Gallardo to burn through roads Like coupe BUY NOW  £9.99
A tough SUV to tackle all kinds of terrain BUY NOW  £9.99
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